Saturday, December 26, 2009

Let Heaven and Nature Sing!

We've had a "wintery" day at our house...the den is still full of Heaven and Nature.  For weeks I have delighted in pouring soap molds scented with "fresh rain" as Christmas gifts for friends and family. It rained hard here on Christmas Eve... it was wonderful to me since I had already been smelling the rain for weeks in my kitchen.

I love to choose a Christmas theme every year...a word or phrase that  describes our experiences from that year. A declaration that has been owned and cultivated by the previous year's challenges becomes a beautiful garment to be worn and rich wine to be poured in the year to come! Challenges seem to be gateways for the richest impartations...maybe because we're breaking ground that contains the deepest wells and the largest rivers. This year we were feeling "Let Heaven and Nature Sing".  I love the mixture of highs and lows..."something old, something new",  something elegant mixed with something rugged, vintage mixed with modern. I hope to hear, feel, and live life to the song of heaven and nature through each season in 2010. Heaven and nature dwell in constant awareness and awe of the Father of all Creativity...they move to His rhythm and sing a new song daily....and they never lack for inspiration. The first eclectic vignette designed by God himself was the perfect combination of highs and lows...His glory...a glistening centerpiece cradled by straw...a beautiful masterpiece of rich, simplicity. Heaven and nature stood full of awe and wonder as the King of heaven sang "Joy to the World" through the cries of tiny flesh. Soon another portion of rich simplicity would be added to the masterpiece as the soils of earth cradle His crushing and the richest glass of wine ever, would be poured...His spirit in us. Yes..."Let heaven and nature sing"...and dance...and let US sing and dance and have our whole being as we move to the rhythm of the very nature of heaven. May you be at peace with the challenges of 2009 and in 2010, pour generously the wine from your crushing.

Wishing you fullness throughout the coming 4 seasons,


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