Monday, January 18, 2010

Mystery...Life...and Inheritance!

Wow! We are 18 days down the isle of 2010...the year is advancing. Already, I feel my spirit leaping forward, locating every deep well and gushing river, and running through the fields of the year's inheritance! I anticipate fresh discovery this year...a pathway of jewels from the road that "glorious mystery" has led to. The past weekend left me with an incredible urge to ponder, meditate, and absorb more of the mystery in hopes to smell the fragrance, taste the fruit, and feel the rhythm before arriving so I know I'm in the right place when I get there! I am anticipating the joy of leaping over challenges that in the past we were required to walk through....yesterday's pain becomes the instruments for today's creativity! In a time of questionable economy I am filled with joy for the artisans of the world to be rich with see every port as an opportunity to discover a ship fully loaded with rich goods for their, ivory, jewels, silks, and textured fabrics, etc...all found and discovered in the most unusual places for purposes we couldn't begin to comprehend. May the mingling of our talents invade the earth with new color...may the streets of every city be filled with the low hum of activity from our creative craft until we flood the nations with our song and restore life to the desolate places! May we leap over every obstacle and twirl through every storm to transform our goods into objects fit for kings and princes!!

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