Saturday, February 13, 2010

For the Love of the Flame...

What a beautiful Valentine weekend!  A creative visual richly displayed for the awakening of love's flame on the earth.  The snow fell beautifully all day on Friday- a rare experience in our corner of the south- layering the earth with a decadent image of grace and individuality.  Later that evening we watched as the nations gathered for the opening ceremony of the winter olympics.  Those whose courage, in the midst of challenge, had enabled them the ability to transcend their skill were at the door of their moment.  The war of their challenge was proceeded by a rich display of artistic expression.  Rhythm, dance, poetry, and song christened a snow ladened ground. With nations at war, and the challenge to conquer consistently coupling the panic of defeat, the symbolism to the weekend's events seemed even bigger in that moment.  A greater authority seemed to transcend the atmosphere breathing hope and light for the nations.  It made me crave to participate in the rhythm of it all for the tangibility of the whole experience.  The light of love's arrow comes as a torch bearing an eternal flame with the nations universally targeted for the dance.  Love, risk, loss, challenge, courage, and victory all swirl together revealing an image of the true taste of love...both bitter and sweet.  Gold and silver will symbolize gifts of love for some, and medals of accomplishment for others.  Love's arrow...the key ingredient for a universal shift.  It's the flame in creative expression...the key to conquering impoverished nations with light...the key for experiencing victory as it dissipates fear...its remedies are endless.  May we be an open target for its flame...all we aspire to do or be has no color without it! 
In a world where cultural barriers exist 
only to define the beauty of our differences...
it's unifying to know that the similarities
we share lie rooted in the hub of our existence.

Friday, February 5, 2010

A Blaze that Warms the Chill...

It's official, the groundhog has seen his shadow and the chilling temperatures of the glistening season have been extended.  As the season lengthens, many grow weary of it's bitter chill... however,
"Old Man Winter" doesn't just hang around for the sting...could it be that he's still bearing gifts for the coming season?  Whispering in the chilling winds and depositing the necessary ingredients for an abundant spring harvest.  I couldn't resist one last tribute to the warmth of the glow.  The coziness of the season...still lingering...providing glorious opportunity for us to enjoy a bit more indoor nesting and preparing backstage for the coming spotlight of spring. 

While in the remaining weeks of this chilling season may we gather huge ambitious bundles of joy and hope, prosperity and peace, and lay it at the roots of someone else's vineyard.  The promise of chivalry, honor, love, and hope is sure to spring up from the soil of our own garden and form an exquisite tapestry that will be as captivating as the world around us.