Saturday, June 25, 2011

All my springs are in You...

I love spring.  March and April is full of birthday fanfare and celebration at our house.   

On March 11th, we celebrated our twin sons 13th birthday... they read clues, then searched throughout the town for presents we had hidden in secret places.  On the same day, a deep groan devastated the heart of Japan.

On April 22nd, we celebrated our oldest son's 16th birthday.  Five days later, I stood eagerly on the deck as he and his dad drove up the driveway after getting his driver's license.  Later that same day... a howling gale devastated our home state of Alabama.
It is mystifying at times to entwine our thoughts around life... a road filled with mystery and miracle.  The reluctancy to celebrate, for fear of the next devastating blow.  I've struggled with it a lot of my life.  It's easier sometimes to understand miracle once we see it, taste it, and smell it, but we truly celebrate it when in the midst of the lousiest day we clutch our hands to our bosom and believe that miracle breathes then too.  The discomfort that those days bring to our souls help prepare our flesh for the miracle that's getting ready to pass through it.  These incredible boys, and their six hands and six feet that stretched and kicked the walls of my womb, are still in constant motion... creating, discovering and finding their rhythm in life.  Hands and feet that still burst through the door the first of every spring bringing handfuls of golden trumpet-shaped daffodils just to make me smile.  I do not know where the road of their lives will take them, but I do know, that every spring these golden trumpets will unfold and herald a sound, and their petals will leave a trail.

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