Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Written Down...

All the days ordained for me were written 
    in your book before one of them came to be. 
Psalm 139: 16

It's the last day of November (sigh)... if only I could linger a bit on this bed of red and golden... colors that danced to the ground on the breath of their Maker.  

Glorious November... contains two of my most favorite holidays.  Thanksgiving... and our wedding anniversary. On Nov 2nd of this year we celebrated our 20th!  

On November 3, 1990 he pulled me close and on the end of his finger was the sparkling expression of a promise.  The one we found in Michael's Jewelers on Broad Street that random afternoon we decided to go diamond hunting and dream about the day we would live together... skin to skin, dream to dream.  The same promise he secretly made a first payment on when I wasn't looking.
Twenty years and I am learning incredible love with this man.  Yet there are days when the best sum total of our relationship is a coke zero, ha!  How is it that in moments of tension, fear, frustration we freely claw and wound the soul of the one whose skin we fit so perfectly in.

I remember the day in Michael's Jewelers on Broad when we chose two gold bands and a diamond that could never symbolize the buying or selling of love, but would forever remind us of love lost and found... of abandon and rescue... and of the white flame that burns the bed of aging vows.  And always the promise from the Divine.  Courage and valor that conquerors the villains that threaten.  The truth is we win... promised destiny wins out.  Eden returns and all things are made new and beautiful!  Everything broken is mended!  What was intended still exists... it's growing in the womb of our faith to believe.

The love we made sounded cries through the fields of spring and breathes through the flesh of three sons.   

What is has been before, and what is to come already is... 
and every day was written down before it ever began!


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