Saturday, December 24, 2011

Amy's Christmas Bell

"...I heard the bells on Christmas day their old familiar carols play, 
and wild and sweet the words repeat of peace on earth good will to men..."

LOVE... it's the word that's drawing me this season... every where I turn my thoughts are embellished by it... and my womb stretched by the challenge of it.  

Pondering deeply a story from last Christmas:

At my parent's for Christmas brunch.  We're all eating, laughing and swapping stories.
She's all aglow with the star of Bethlehem...radiating it all the way across the globe to a stable in Nicaragua.  My niece Amy, made her list last Christmas and took no thought in checking it twice.  The womb of her spirit all swollen with love... the doll she wanted to unwrap was the one bruised and torn... she wanted to mend her clothes and send her food.
She embodied the season's reality... gave up presents she could've received for herself and gave birth to true joy... the authentic kind that comes from letting sacrifice and selflessness tear through the flesh of your own agenda.

For the past couple of years my sister and her husband have arranged vacations and budgets around taking their family to impoverished countries through World Vision.  So, at her daughter's Christmas request my sister eagerly got on line and searched through photos of children in need... how does one choose?  Eyes that pierce your soul searching to belong.

Instead of choosing the one... the ONE chose her.  A little 3 year old girl who shared the same birthday as Amy.  Her name was Crisbel, pronounced Cris-Bell.
Amy carried her wallet sized photo of Crisbel in her hand all of Christmas morning.  Ringing the true sound of the season... like an alarm sounding... waking from slumber only those who could hear it...

"though hate is strong and 
mocks the song of peace on earth good will to men" 

May we wake from slumber this Christmas and  rush to the cradle.  May our womb stretch and give birth to love where it was first found.  The wise read the heavens... left their own agenda and followed a star.  May we look for opportunity to let sacrifice and selflessness lead us down a path of incredible joy!  

 Amy got to travel to her stable in Nicaragua this summer and meet her Crisbel... take her gifts and wrap her in love.

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