Thursday, June 28, 2012

"when living the stories interfere with writing them..."

as january started i had huge plans for my blog.  i was going to post no less than three times a week.  i've yet to catch the rhythmic wave of all that... still hoping.

...from our family scrabble game in April
a lot of beautiful living in these past few months... travel, sickness and health, rich and poor.

but for now, i have in my thoughts and hold in my prayers the beautiful region of Colorado Springs and the families that have been driven out of their dwelling!  "Maker of heaven and earth your love endures and you are faithful... establish borders around the destructive fire and smoke, and send your reign to settle it."

it's hot and dry here too, we need rain.  could he be waiting for us to bear his heart and water the parched soil with our tears?

great and AWEsome is our God, and it's okay when we feel frail and our hope leaves us groping in the dark for things like health and jobs, family and friends, and regions that need rain.

in the distance there is a cloud, extol him who rides it by his name, Yah!

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