Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mourning to Dancing

My mind and heart has been full over the past few weeks from contemplating and celebrating Passover and Resurrection.  A light and energy has once again highlighted inspiration and given fresh wings to hope and promise!  I am moved by the idea of that crazy morning.  I wonder what it would have been like to be in the midst of the morning fog and witness the tangible reveal of that divine reality.  What a beautiful scene it must have the women who came expressing deep sorrow, and bearing fragrance appropriate for burial, stood unaware that the morning dew had crowned their heads like a wreath of laurel.  Their deep mourning turned in an instant to dancing as the grave that housed their dearest possession was revealed to be nothing less than a "treasure chamber"!  What overflow, what joy, what new colors must have exploded the color spectrum in that moment!  What rhythm their feet and bodies must have danced to as they ran to give testament that He did exactly what He said He would do...truth was alive!  

As the flames of difficult circumstances burn hot against my skin, I am persuaded to believe anew that the night season demands the dawn...that mourning, grief, loss, loneliness, confusion, discouragement, and rejection are not finalities of hopeless destiny, but preliminaries to a greater reveal!  The morning mist is so close I can feel it soothe my flaming skin.  I am undone by the reality that my wilderness has been a "treasure chamber"...that every moment of this long night has been guarded by a blood barrier that demands my life...that my barren soul is already lined with jewels!  For the power of that divine resurrection has been working its way through every fiber of my being.  He is my Beloved, and His Light is the color I crave!  The tomb is empty...but my heart is full!