Thursday, November 5, 2015

Hope whispers

A thunderous shower penetrates the open, parched throat of summer's earth.  Zucchini bread bakes in the oven.  Four mini loaves rise and peak like mounds of earth.  Steve's soulful voice singing from a near-by room, and I smile.   A deluge of thoughts and emotions flood my soul like the torrent outside.  I catch a glimpse of an invitation to a friend's baby shower hanging on the fridge, and the image deepens.  It's as though I hear the approaching cries of LONG awaited hopes and dreams!  Today swells, and I feel hope springing from the breast of the moment... the birth of dreams... the birth of infants... and my parent's garden harvesting enough fruit and vegetables to feed an army.  A rhythm approaches... and earth is already yielding to its vibration.  I feel anxious.  Future is attached to hope, and I can feel its ardent flame.  I'm desperate to rush, but slowly reach instead, as if to carefully establish the moment.

I've had "hope issues" in the past.  The cold voices of despair have been known to strangle a moment like this until it breathes its very last breath...spewing and hissing in twisted victory over possibility until it lies limp and lifeless on the floor.  But this time... hope's light is threatening it's dark grasp.  Guarding the recesses of my mind, hope jousts against bitter despair.  In my dream a couple of weeks ago, Hope was revealed to me as a friend leading the way, pointing toward a path, and giving new direction... she seemed eager for me to follow, as if she knew something I didn't.  Once again, I'm pursued by hope's whisper.  I linger... and with each lingering moment hope strengthens.  Future is attached to hope!  I'm eager to run and consummate the dance!
Steve's soulful melodies peal through the house again, and I smile.   

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  1. Jill, I realized that you had blogged and wow! Your words stirred my soul this morning as I sit in my happy spot with only the tree's twinkling lights! Please keep your beautiful thoughts flowing from your heart! Hope!! Love you!